Designer in the Spotlight – Sheena Hanks

Sheena Hanks is a qualified and award-winning Interior Designer who specialises in complex and technical projects, specifically kitchen and bathroom design. Design and drafting runs in the family and contributed to her desire to explore this avenue of Interior Design. With a diverse professional background, Sheena draws on this experience as well as working alongside some of Brisbane’s top designers on acclaimed projects. Sheena loves the technical nature of joinery design and works with a number Cabinet Makers, Builders, Building Designers and clients, to achieve both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. This interview was undertaken after she completed her Certificate IV in Kitchen and Bathroom Design with DTA.

What did you do before interior design?

I have renovated a number of houses over the years, however I lived in a remote area of Western Australia for many of these years and never had the opportunity to follow my passion of design. Working in Human Resources, I found that I had no creative outlet and knew I needed to do something different.

What study have you already completed?

When I moved to Queensland I had enrolled in a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I was so passionate with my studies that I would find myself staying up to all hours to perfect my assignments and was always submitting my assignments ahead of time because I enjoyed working on them so much. With my success in the course and positive feedback from my lecturers I knew I was finally on the right career path. I pushed out of my comfort zone and was able to create designs that were different from the rest and better than I expected.

What led you to kitchens and bathrooms?

Kitchens and Bathrooms have always been an area of interest for me. They aren’t an area of the home that is changed every few years so they need to be well planned and timeless.

Why were you interested in getting a qualification in Kitchen and Bathroom?

This course will benefit my career as it will fill the gaps from what I learnt in my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration and specialise in areas of bathroom and kitchen design. Having worked alongside experienced kitchen and bathroom professionals, I can clearly identify the gaps in my knowledge compared with theirs. Kitchen and bathroom design is an area that interests me the most and a field I want to pursue.

What have you gained from undertaking this course?

I was offered a position with a leading bathroom company on the northside of Brisbane. This role has much more scope than the previous role as I work closely with the project managers and the suppliers to assist with design and product selection. I think this course helped me to secure the role, just like my previous job. Website
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