Designer in the Spotlight – Sam Robinson


Advanced Diploma of Interior Decoration and Design, Advanced Certificate Decoration, Certificate IV in Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces (kitchen and bathroom specialties)

Current job:

My current role is managing and operating my own Design Company. Sam Robinson Interior Design covers all aspects of Design in both the Residential and Commercial spectrums. The Decoration aspect of my business provides me a creative outlet which has led me to be a stylist with a major shopping centre. My days are jam packed full, in a world that I love. In fact I would love to have an extra day added to every week so that I can fit more in! Is there a course to teach me how to do that?

How long have you been in the industry?

Approximately 25 years professionally in total although probably dabbled in the field all of my life. I began consulting for real estate agents, almost by accident, assisting clients in preparation of their homes for sale and have lead a rewarding and creative design career ever since.

When did you first get interested in design?

Huge thanks to Lego, Barbie’s and copious amounts of paper and pencils. Seriously! Construction and making things as beautiful as they could be, was a significant part of my childhood growing up in a country town. That then transferred to real spaces as I entered my teenage years. I was forever arranging and then rearranging and just when it was perfect do it all again. My imagination and flair became more obvious in my early adult life and my passion for Interiors and architecture grew. It became my distinguishing trait and I realised that I could make a living doing something that I adore. How many people could be so lucky? The rest is history and I am so proud to have won the title of the KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the year.

What did you enjoy most about studying your Certificate IV in Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces?

Keeping current is so important to any field but particularly in the design sphere. The challenge of continually acquiring current knowledge and revising existing skills, allows you to always give the very best concepts and creations to your clients. To have the privilege to study with industry colleagues and peers along with individuals with the desire and the dream, is such a pleasure. The design industry is bursting with passionate personalities. As a result it is on a constant path of development and innovation, with fresh approaches and original ideas and concepts always being sought and emerging. The day you stop learning in this industry, is the day you should quit! The more you think you know, the more you realise that you don’t know.

And how has this qualification benefitted your work?

Up to date proof of learning is such an impeccable recommendation. Keeping current with education automatically puts you ahead of the crowd and provides you with credibility within your industry peers and clients alike. The training delivered today is outstanding and prepares designers (existing or newbies) for the real world with tangible and transferrable skills. The benefits for me have been upgrading my skill set, opening my mind in a learning situation, where any idea is a good idea, and providing confidence that my skills are relative to industry standards and requirements. This relates directly to be able to provide clients with my absolute best.

What inspired you to get the qualification?

My diploma was achieved in the Dark Ages. To sit back and say that is all I ever need to do, is to sentence myself to a self-induced expiry date. Learn more and when that has been achieved, go and learn even more.

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about training in kitchen and bathroom design?

Do it! Design is such a rich and rewarding career and so diverse. Training in this area can provide you with a fulfilling and worthwhile career, with so many tangents to follow. To possess the ability to help individuals and families achieve their dream is gratifying, especially when considering the costs involved in such projects. Your clients will thank you for the security you provide them with your knowledge.
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