Effective Lighting for Kitchens and Bathrooms

This course is designed for:

  • interior designers
  • kitchen and bathroom designers
  • sales consultants and product specifiers

This course will provide general awareness of the technical terms associated with lighting and arm the designer with the foundation skills and knowledge to specify lighting for a kitchen or bathroom project.

Delivery and Duration

Online and self paced – 6 weeks is recommended, allowing 3-4 hours per week. (Once you have commenced you have 2 months to complete the course).

Cost inc GST



Module 1: Types of lighting
  • Natural lighting
  • Artificial lighting
  • General
  • Task
  • Mood
Module 2: Lighting terminology
  • Luminous flux and lux
  • Luminaire efficacy
  • Measured input power
  • Correlated colour temperature
  • Colour rendering index
Module 3: Calculating lighting requirements
  • Analysing the current room
  • Analysing the design requirements
  • Calculating the lighting requirements
Module 4: Specifying lighting
  • Format for presenting a lighting specification
  • Content particulars
Module 5: Lighting Plan
  • Communicating using industry standards
  • Drawing layout requirements
  • Symbols and dimensioning
Learning Resources

Online and downloadable. You will also receive a Lighting Kit which you will use during this course. Kit includes a Lux Meter, a range of LED Lamps (GU10), 3 Lamp Bases for GU10 globes and a Carry Bag. This kit is valued at over $200 including postage.

Student Resources

Computer with Microsoft Office or equivalent
High speed internet connection
General stationary items including pens, pencils, notebook, ruler and tape measure are recommended


Experienced and qualified designers with broad skills and knowledge in design and the home improvement sector

Support and advice

Phone and email throughout the course

Projects and feedback

Trainers will give written feedback, which may include general guidance and industry tips and tricks


Anytime. We will contact you within 1 business day of registration to help get you underway.

Certificate of participation

Available for all students who submit a project

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