3D SketchUp for Kitchens and Bathrooms

This course is designed for:

  • interior designers
  • kitchen and bathroom designers
  • those with no knowledge in SketchUp
  • OR those with some drafting knowledge wanting a refresher in SketchUp for kitchens and bathrooms

This course provides the knowledge and develops the skill to produce a 3D drawing of either a residential kitchen or bathroom using SketchUp software. 

Delivery and Duration

You should allow 4 weeks and 4 hours per week (including time for private classes)

This course includes 3 private (remote) classes where our trainer accesses your computer using TeamViewer. These classes are spaced throughout the course to combine the benefit of one on one training with the flexibility and convenience of practice and application in your own time and place.

Cost inc GST



1. Preparing for drawing

  • Establishing and saving a SketchUp drawing
  • Navigating around the toolbars
  • Drawing fundamentals and command shortcuts
2. Creating the room and furniture layout
  • Creating walls, doors and openings
  • Creating built in cabinetry
  • Creating other objects within a room
3. Importing library parts from the 3D warehouse
  • Importing appliances, fixtures or furniture and decorator items
  • Saving library parts
  • Creating library parts
4. Adding materials, textures and finishes
  • Adding colours
  • Importing textures
5. Presenting and printing
  • Presenting your drawing
  • Printing your drawing
  • Emailing your drawing
  • Creating a video fly-through
Learning Resources

Online and downloadable
3 x 50 min private classes with a trainer using Team Viewer (remote access to your computer)

Student Resources

Computer with Microsoft Office or equivalent
High speed internet connection
General stationary items including pens, pencils, notebook, ruler and tape measure are recommended
Access to SketchUp Pro (this could be the free 30 day trial)


Experienced and qualified designers with broad skills and knowledge in design and the home improvement sector

Support and advice

Phone and email throughout the course

Projects and feedback

Trainers will give written feedback, which may include general guidance and industry tips and tricks


Anytime. We will contact you within 1 business day of registration to organise access to course resources and book in your private classes

Certificate of participation

Available for all students who submit a project

Video fly-through

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