Design Custom Cabinetry for Interior Spaces

(Kitchen and Bathroom Design Pathway Course)

Nationally recognised course

Online – for students all over Australia

This is a nationally accredited course, and upon successful completion students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.

This course focuses on the design and documentation of ancillary areas which feature built in cabinetry such as wardrobes, studies, entertainment areas and other miscellaneous storage. 


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If you would like to download the Course Outline which includes additional information and a link to the enrolment form, please complete your details here.

Course Details

  • This course can be done as a stand-alone course to gain skills and knowledge in ancillary built-in cabinetry, such as wardrobes, studies
  • It can be completed as an introductory course, or to complement existing skills and/or training in Interior Design and/or Interior Decoration
  • Upon completion is it also common to transfer into the Certificate IV in Kitchen and Bathroom Design

This course is delivered to students all over Australia by distance education. This is a combination of online learning and remote private classes where a trainer logs into your computer.

The course is delivered part time over 16 weeks (12 hours per week) or full time over 8 weeks (24 hours per week).

  • This course is multi-modal with a combination of distance (online) learning and remote private classes (no attendance is required)
  • Convenient learning from home, work or your preferred place of study
  • Flexible study mode to suit busy lifestyles
  • Easy to follow online and printable resources
  • Learning support available by private phone tutorials and private remote classrooms
  • This course includes 3 units of competency which are nationally accredited

Enrolment into this course is by direct entry.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants can either:

  • Continue your study before the end of your enrolment period by enrolling in the Certificate IV in Kitchen and Bathroom Design (MSF40318) with DTA and receive 3 direct credit transfers and full credit for fees paid, or
  • Be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the units completed which can be used as direct credit for a range of Nationally Accredited courses such as the Diploma of Interior Design, the Certificate IV in Interior Decoration and the Certificate IV in Kitchen and Bathroom Design
  • Suitable for those with no industry experience and those with years of experience
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be residing in Australia or New Zealand
  • Must not have a Student Visa
  • Year 10 (or equivalent) level English and basic maths calculations and measurements
  • Computer literate in basic Microsoft or equivalent programs
when can i start?

Course start dates

For our accredited courses, we generally have an intake each month. These dates have been confirmed for 2023:

  • 2nd October
  • 6th November

Please note that you should aim to have the enrolment form completed the week prior to allow time for processing.

The Course Outline should be reviewed prior to enrolment and includes further information about course structure, units of competency, timeframes, costs and resources required.

This course focuses on the design and documentation of ancillary areas which feature built in cabinetry such as wardrobes, studies and other miscellaneous storage.

It covers:

  • For built-in cabinetry
  • Floor plans, Elevations and Sections, Mechanical plans, Structural change plans, Lighting plans
  • Dimensioning and notations including the application of correct line types and line weights, symbols and drawing protocols and scale
  • All to Australian Drafting Standards and symbols (AS1100)
  • For built-in cabinetry
  • Design concepts in colour
  • Photographic renders
  • Video fly-throughs
  • Lighting
Site Evaluation
  • For built-in cabinetry
  • Read and interpret plans
  • Site conditions
  • Services and other trade requirements
  • Measure site and document site specifics
Cabinet Construction
  • Cabinet types
  • Cabinet elements
  • Hardware
  • Joins
  • Decorative elements
Design Challenge
  • For built-in cabinetry
  • Client interview
  • Develop Design Brief
  • Scope of work
  • Client feedback
  • Respond to the design challenge by creating a design solution

This course includes the following nationally accredited units of competency:

MSFFM3011 Measure and draw site layout for manufactured furniture products
MSFID4014 Produce digital models and documentation for interior design projects
MSFKB4011 Design ancillary residential cabinetry

It also includes:
2D CAD for built-in cabinetry
The production of orthographic drawings, including floorplans, elevations, sections and mechanical plans. This focuses on the application of Australian drafting standards (AS1100) and relevant industry standards.
3D CAD for built-in cabinetry
The production of concept drawings, renders and video fly-throughs.

For a detailed list of resources required as a student of this course, please contact DTA for the Course Outline

Administration Fee: $375
Course Fee: $2,160
Total Fees: $2,535

$495 is paid with the enrolment form. The remainder of the Course Fee is paid in instalments over the course duration, by Direct Debit or Credit Card Payment Plan. Payments can be made once per month for 4 months.


Request Course Outline and Enrolment Information

If you would like to download the Course Outline which includes additional information and a link to the enrolment form, please complete your details here.


What our students say

The thing I enjoyed most about the course was the support I had from my teachers. They were a wealth of information and I really enjoyed my time with them. The encouragement and enthusiasm I received from them definitely kept me interested and engaged in the course.
Alicia Newrick
Interior Designer (Past Student)
“Jump in (like I did) and just do it. I have compared lots of courses and Designer Training courses stand head and shoulders above them all. I now have knowledge and skills and a qualification that people in the industry recognise and value.”
Nicole James
Interior Designer (Past Student)
"It is a must! I think without it a designer may lack the practical understanding of what goes on when and how all the different trades are involved to bring the project to life. The course also covers good design practices, drawing skills and communication skills which are all very important to understand, especially when you have multiple projects on the go!"
Alicia Jeffries
Interior Designer (Past Student)
"I will never forget our lessons, they were exciting, challenging and most of all productive and funny. I feel the course is EXCELLENT and the teaching is even better. I have never come across a more dedicated teacher. The empathy you show is unbelievably precious and the continuous support is second to none. THANKYOU
James B
Interior Designer (Past Student)
I am currently still completing my course, but from the very beginning I have been very impressed with the structure and organisation of the training, the quality of the course materials and how comprehensive the training and assessments are. I feel like I have already expanded my knowledge and skills greatly. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my course coordinators. They are both incredibly helpful, experienced, communicative and so responsive. I feel like they are always right there which is wonderful 🙂
Lizzie R
Interior Designer (Past Student)
"Do it! Design is such a rich and rewarding career and so diverse. Training in this area can provide you with a fulfilling and worthwhile career, with so many tangents to follow. To possess the ability to help individuals and families achieve their dream is gratifying, especially when considering the costs involved in such projects. Your clients will thank you for the security you provide them with your knowledge.
Sam Robinson
Interior Designer (Past Student)
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