2D AutoCAD for Kitchens and Bathrooms

2D AutoCAD for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Online – flexible

About the course
This course is designed for:
  • interior designers
  • kitchen and bathroom designers
  • those with no knowledge in AutoCAD
  • OR those with some drafting knowledge wanting a refresher in AutoCAD for kitchens and bathrooms
This course provides the knowledge and develops the skill to be able to produce a 2D orthographic drawing of either a residential kitchen or bathroom using AutoCAD software.
Course duration and delivery
Duration: 4 weeks, allowing 4 hours per week (including time for private tutorials)

Delivery: Private classes to allow for individual learning in 3 private tutorials (50 minutes each) where we access your computer remotely using TeamViewer. Private tutorials are spaced throughout the course to combine the benefit of one on one training with the flexibility and convenience of practice and application in your own time and place.

Course Outline

1. Preparing for drawing
  • Establishing the AutoCAD workspace
  • Saving the drawing file
  • Drawing fundamentals and command shortcuts

2. Draw and modify tools

  • Lines and shapes
  • Line types and layers
  • Modify tools

3. Annotation tools
  • Text
  • Dimensions

4. Creating a room layout
  • Creating walls
  • Defining doors and openings
  • Creating cabinetry and furnishings
  • Add dimensions/annotations, assigning layers and hatching
  • Symbols and legends
  • Cross checking work for accuracy

5. Presenting and printing
  • Creating and saving a customised title block
  • Presenting your drawing on a title block to scale
  • Plotting/printing your drawing
  • Emailing your drawing

Learner Resources: 

  • An educational version of AutoCAD is available for free for the duration of the course. (Details are provided upon course commencement).
  • DTA provide electronic learner resources including notes and videos.
  • Private classes are conducted using TeamViewer (free to download) where your trainer can access your computer remotely.
Other Resources:
  • 64 bit computer and a high speed internet connection.
  • Must have a mouse with left and right click and a scroll wheel (this is required for both MAC and PC users)
All trainers are qualified designers with broad skills and knowledge in CAD.
Projects and feedback
You can select one project from our sample drawings, choices include:
  • DTA Kitchen Renovation
  • DTA Bathroom Renovation

The private classes allow the trainer to work closely with you to develop your skills and knowledge at a speed and style to suit your learning requirements. During each private class you will work through structured activities and encouraged to repeat and practice them between classes. You are also provided with a Companion Guide with visual prompts and notes as a helpful reference point. You can utilise your private classes to gain progressive feedback on the learning activities and then you have the option to submit a project at the end of the course for your trainer to review and provide feedback.

Support and advice
Our Student Support team offer a range of options for assistance. You can make contact via phone or email to ask general questions or to book your 3 private tutorials with a specialist CAD trainer. CAD tutorials are available during business hours, Monday to Thursday. Limited spaces are available after hours by appointment.
Additional tutorials are available for purchase during your course enrolment period at $120 (Inc GST) per hour.
Private classes are booked directly with your trainer. CAD tutorials are available during business hours, Monday to Thursday. Limited spaces are available after hours by appointment.
You can register at any time and once you have registered you will be contacted within 48 business hours directly by your trainer to book a suitable time for your classes.
Certificate of participation
All participants who complete and submit the project will receive a certificate of participation.

$550 (Inc GST) 

Any Questions?
If you would like to contact us, please email info@designertraining.edu.au or call 1300 850 725.

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